Dec 2, 2010

How to Teach your Parrot to Turn Around

This article is about how to teach your parrot to turn around. This trick is very easy and any bird can learn it. For this trick your parrot need to be hand tame and he/she should accept treats. Coco learned this trick in 15 minutes, but all birds are different so don't get mad if your parrot don't turn around on the first training session. Remember you need to be patient.

To begin the turn around trick put your parrot on a training perch, chair back or table. Then you are going to hold a treat on your right hand and another one on your left hand. Move the treat on your right hand slowly around the parrot. He/she is going to try to catch (follow) the treat and when he/she finishes the turn around you are going to gave the treat on your left hand to your parrot.  Then start moving your right hand around him without the treat. When your parrot get use to this start moving your hand in front of him instead around him and start using a cue for example ''turn''.

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